Data Privacy

What information do we collect and submit to the Colorado Department of Education?

A summary of the Colorado Department of Education's data elements is available here. A detailed list is available here.

What information do we collect in addition to the data elements on the above list?

The types of student data collected by Platte Canyon School District #1 is available here.

How do we use and share this information?

The District uses information about students to support student learning, evaluate teachers, adjust and refine its instructional and operational practices, and comply with various state and federal data collection requirements. For more information about how schools districts gather and use data, please visit the following links:

Who uses student data?

How is student data used?

Additional information for families

What "school service contract providers" do we contract with?

Links to contracts and data transparency disclosures will be added as contracts are signed.

Accelerated Reader (Renaissance Learning)

Destiny (Follet Software)

Google Apps for Education

Infinite Campus

Lightspeed Rocket Network & Management System

NWEA (MAP Testing)

Ruckus WiFi Management Systems

WIDA: English Language Learners Testing

What "on demand school service providers" are used in the district?

These are the current on demand school service providers used in the District. Click Here

What is the difference between a school service contract provider and school service on-demand provider?

A "school service contract provider" or "contract provider" means an entity, other than a public education entity or an institution of higher education, that enters into a formal, negotiated contract with a public education entity to provide a school service. This can be a contract provider that the district as a whole entered into a formal, negotiated contract with, or that a school individually entered into a formal, negotiated contract with.

A "school service on-demand provider" or "on-demand provider" means an entity, other than a public education entity, that provides a school service on occasion to a public education entity, subject to agreement by the public education entity, or an employee of the public education entity, to standard, non-negotiable terms and conditions of service established by the providing entity. This means any application or resource that an individual school has decided to use independently. These may or may not be district supported.

Bottom line: a contracted provider will have a formal data sharing agreement in place with PCSD as part of the district or school contract, and an on-demand provider will require parental/guardian consent at the school level before student data can be shared.

Notice to on-demand school service providers

If the District ceases using or refuses to use an on-demand school service provider pursuant to C.R.S. § 22-16-107, the name of the on-demand school service provider will be posted below along with any written response that the on-demand school service provider submits. The District will also notify the Colorado Department of Education, which will post on its website the on-demand provider's name and any written response.