Parent Responsbilities
  1. Read over all bus rules with student and make sure there are no questions.
  2. Students are assigned one pick up and drop off.
  3. Parents/Guardians can find the transportation information on the Parent Portal under the Transportation Tab. Delayed start is also posted there for parents/guardians to refer to.
  4. Parents/Guardians and students are to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled pick up & drop off times, including delayed start times.
  5. If a change in transportation is needed, including after school activities, a parent/guardian must send a written note with the student to give to the teacher in the morning, OR a phone call must be made to the office at (303)838-7666x1300 before 2:30pm. Voice messages are not accepted. Please continue to call until someone is able to answer.
  6. Preschoolers, Kindergarteners and 1st graders have to be picked up at the bus stop by a responsible designated individual.
  7. If a parent/guardian is not at the bus stop, the student should not get off the bus and notify the bus driver right away.
  8. If there is no parent/guardian at the bus stop, we will transport the child/children back to Deer Creek Elementary and notify all contacts. If this happens, the parents may pick up their child/children in the office until 5:00pm. After 5:00pm your child/children will then be taken to the Boys & Girls Club located on the campus of DCES, there is a nominal fee that guardian is responsible for. After 6:30pm if the child/children have not been picked up, the Sheriff’s office will be notified.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact the Transportation Department at (303)838-7666x1270 or the Office at (303)838-7666x1300.

*Please keep for your records and to refer back to if needed

Where to Find my Bus Route Schedule
  1. Go to The Platte Canyon School District website @
  2. Go to the “Parents” Tab at the top
  3. Drop down to Parent Portal, Go to Parent Portal, Log in as a parent (if you

are experiencing issues with your login contact Shelly Carlstrom @

  1. Select student (times will vary between campus), Message Center, More,


  1. Here you will find the bus number, time and location of pickup, also the

delayed schedule.

Click Here for a link to printable PDF of these instructions

Bus Rules
  1. The driver is in charge of the bus and the students.

  2. The driver may assign students to certain seats.

  3. Students will remain seated when bus is in motion, and will be seated properly. May change seats when bus is stopped with permission from driver.

  4. Keep aisle clear.

  5. Students will be expected to respect school and bus property, and will be held responsible for damaging seats on the bus.

  6. Students are not to extend body parts out of windows, nor to throw objects out of windows.

  7. Students are expected to be respectful of adults and other students. Keep to your own space; allow others to enjoy their space.

  8. Students are expected to be quiet when dome lights are on, including when entering and departing schools. At other times, talk quietly using appropriate language.

  9. When riding the elementary bus run, high school and middle school students will be seated in the front of the bus.

  10. Food and/or liquids may be consumed only with the permission of the driver. “Keep it neat or lose your treat”.

  11. No tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal controlled substances may be carried onto, or consumed on, school buses.

  12. No unsafe objects may be carried onto buses (weapons, skate boards, etc.).

  13. No animals of any kind are allowed on buses because of possible distraction to driver or possible danger to other students. (The only exception would be a service dog.)

  14. SAFETY FIRST – no fighting, throwing objects, or causing disruption on the bus will be tolerated.

  15. All school rules and regulations are extended to the bus and the bus stop. Please abide by these rules at all times. If a driver feels that a student is not abiding by these rules he/she may choose to write a Disciplinary Referral. If this occurs:

    The 1st Disciplinary Referral is a warning with a phone call home to the parent/guardian.

    The 2nd Disciplinary Referral will result in a 5-day bus suspension. This suspension will apply to any and all bus privileges, including field trips and other activities accessed by district transportation.

    Any additional Disciplinary Referral will result in an additional 40-day bus suspension.

    All children in grades K-2 must have an adult with them at the bus stop. A younger sibling can walk with a responsible sibling in grades 3-5. If there is nobody to pick-up a child in grades K-2 from the bus stop, then the child will be brought back to the school.

    Please see the district policy for a complete set of expectations for transportation services and guidelines here.

*Please keep for your records and to refer back to if needed

Contact Information

Director: Matt Flores 303-679-7553

Transportation Secretary : Andrea Harvey 303-679-7552